Humidity Chart

Relative humidity Protect scope
60%-55% Pictures, money, stamp collectors 
50% Tea


Photographers look no further. Recommended setting at 44% for lenses and camera body/electronics.

Guitars/Violins set at 45%

Leather handbags generally are set within this range. Too dry and you will risk cracking. Recommend to monitor regularly apply moisturizer to maintain best results.

<40% Only Industrial models may maintain humidity below 40%RH, please refer to models here.
44%-35% Metal without iron, semiconductors, circuit board, tungsten wire, IC card, batteries
35%-25% Precise measures, optical apparatus, electricity, detector, lens, medical material

Special chemical material, medical apparatus, sample, seeds, pollen


To set your Dry Cabinet:

  1. Press set button twice, the numeric value will blink and use the up and down buttons to set desired humidity. Press set again to confirm selection.
  2. Press and hold the "down" button if you'll like to decrease the intensity of the LED panel reading. Press and hold again to increase the brightness.