Comparing Hiniso vs. Aipo Dry Cabinets

Hiniso Aipo

Wider range of capacities from 35L to 600L

Allows users to choose a size that best fits their storage needs

Narrow range of capacities within 38L to 155L

Digital hygrometers

Providing precise and easy-to-read humidity levels

Digital hygrometers


Dimmable LED panel

Press and hold "down" for >3 sec

No option to dim LED panel

LED side lights

For better visibility inside the cabinet

LED side lights

LED display

Offers clear visibility of settings and conditions

LCD display not be as bright or easy to read in all lighting conditions

Low Power Consumption

4W per day

Slightly higher power consumption 5-7W

Comprehensive hassle free 6 year warranty

Providing longer-term assurance and support

5 Years warranty for power adapter.



Competitive Pricing




Hiniso dry cabinets stand out as the more budget-friendly, durable, and user-friendly option. Their wide range of capacities, precise digital hygrometers, and energy efficiency make them ideal for preserving sensitive items. The added durability from steel with powder coating, combined with a user-friendly LED display and a longer warranty, ensures that Hiniso provides excellent value for money. Choose Hiniso for a reliable and cost-effective dry cabinet solution.