About Us

Your Precious Collections, Our Priority

DryBox Malaysia aims to be the largest Malaysian distributor of dry cabinets. We are committed to provide you with the best services, high-quality, cost-effective dry cabinets that safeguarding your investments. Benefit from our competitive price-matching and unbeatable service, making us your one-stop solution. With 99% of our dry cabinets featuring digital controls, you can easily tailor humidity settings to suit your needs.


Operating as a registered Singaporean company since 2012, we rebranded as DryBox SG in 2020 and most recently expanded to DryBox Malaysia in 2023, assuring our continued presence and reliability.

The Brand

Founded by an enthusiastic photographer, DryBox Malaysia aims to make top-of-the-range consumer dry cabinets more accessible. We specialize in premium models featuring Digital Hydrometers and offer a reliable warranty, alongside a sustainable long-term service and repair plan.

Hiniso, Andbon, Forspark, Ruggard and Nikatei are brands manufactured from one of our exclusive supplier.

Digi-Cabi, i-Cabi, Huitong and Fujie are brands manufactured from a different supplier.

Every Byte, Every Bit, Securely Guarded

Your data security is a priority for us. We're consistently proactive in maintaining the highest standards of internet security, ensuring compliance with both global and Malaysian data privacy regulations. Rest assured, we never sell or trade your information.

Our diverse clientele ranges from hobbyists and collectors of luxury items like handbags and watches, to governmental organizations and private businesses across various sectors.

Whether you're a professional photographer, a currency collector, or a watch aficionado, our Mr Mighty electronic dry cabinets are designed to operate round-the-clock, providing essential protection in Malaysia's humid climate.